The Dungeon Synth Card Series:

  • The series is being released in 10 card packs.
  • Cards feature a photograph or artwork on the front, with artist logo information and their website address on the reverse.
  • Card backs are standardized in design, with a checklist card number to appear as a cohesive set.
  • The cards are issued in standard 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch trading card and collectible card game size, in order to fit with an existing collection.
  • Cards will be printed on extremely thick 16 point / 325 gsm artboard with UV coated fronts and uncoated backs.
  • Packaged in classic wax pack style card wrappers that have a heavy wax coating inside and are sealed using heat.
  • Each pack is hand assembled and numbered using a traditional steel automatic numbering machine.
  • As each series is released, the cards will be listed on this website.
  • Featured musicians and artists will receive sealed packs of the series they appear in.
  • Packs will be available for distros who would like to offer Dungeon Synth Cards.

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