Dungeon Synth Trading Card Submissions

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Requirements are listed below:

  • Musicians to be considered must be recognized as a dungeon synth artist OR from the early days as an experimental project in the 1990s black and death metal scenes before the term “dungeon synth” was coined. Photos given highest priority will be those of historical value, highly thematic, concept driven or display the true character and atmosphere of the artist. In other words kick ass pics are what we are looking for!
  • Visual art to be considered must be original. Created or commissioned by artists working within the dungeon synth community. Public Domain images used as album covers are not eligible.
  • Please submit at least 3 photographs or pieces of artwork for us to choose from. High resolution images are needed for quality prints.
  • In order to honor artist’s intellectual property, submissions must be official. You may not submit an entry on behalf of someone else. If there’s a band you want to see featured tell them about the card series and give them a link to this page!
  • If you represent the estate of deceased persons, please contact us and we will see what arrangements can be made to get them featured in an official capacity.

Information Required For Inclusion:

  • Band or Visual Artist Name
  • Country of Origin
  • Band Logo in black & white or Signature in black and white for visual artists
  • Bands must supply at least a 4 to 6 sentence biography, description of the bands style, concepts, major accomplishments, etc. Entries may be edited to fit the series 3rd person narrative and card dimensions. You’ll be sent pre-press samples for approval.
  • Visual Artists must supply a biography and title of the artwork and name of the band who used it, etc.
  • The web address (URL) to your Bandcamp page, website or visual artist portfolio which will be placed on the bottom of your card.
  • In the case of an inactive project of historical relevance, the current official web address (if any) is acceptable.

Card submissions may be sent to: dungeonsynthcards (at) gmail.com

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