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The first series of Dungeon Synth Cards featuring the best promotional photos and artwork from the dungeon synth music scene are available now!

The cards feature full color UV coated photos and artwork on the fronts, with artist logo, biographies, quotes and more on the uncoated backs. Each pack contains 10 cards sealed in an old school wax pack style wrapper and are number stamped with a vintage steel automatic numbering machine.


  • 01 Mortiis
  • 02 Arcana Liturgia
  • 03 Erythrite Throne
  • 04 Fogweaver
  • 05 Tarkin Turfer
  • 06 Vaelastrasz
  • 07 Whispering Mirrors
  • 08 Akerius
  • 09 Erang
  • 10 Sidereal Fortress

ALL customers will now receive an 11 x 17 (A3) size poster of the wrapper art drawn by Bard Algol.

There are 4 variant wrapper colors divided between 515 serially numbered packs. Colors are sent randomly, if you order multiple packs you’ll receive a mix of colors – while supplies last.

Up to 7 packs can ship for the price of one worldwide.

If you want to add dungeon synth music releases from Dark Age Productions with your cards please order your cards at the DAP Website at: http://dark-age-productions.com
They ship from the same address so all offers still apply.


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